Georgia is Creating the Cyber Reserve

Ministry of Defense of Georgia is working on creating a concept for the cyber reserve.

პირველი არხის სიუჯეტი ქვეყნის კიბერსივრცის საფრთხეების, რისკებისა და თანამედროვე გამოწვევების შესახებ

ამერიკულმა ორგანიზაციებმა გასულ წელს გამოაქვეყნეს ანგარიში

Cyber Conflict 2015 (CyCon 2015)

The Seventh Annual International Conference, CyCon 2015 organized by the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defense Center of Excellence was held in Tallinn, Estonia.

National Cyber Security Systems of USA, China and Russia

Geopolitical arrangement of contemporary world depends on the strength of cyber army of various countries along with the quality of cyber army.

Andro Gotsiridze: Each conflict is saturated with cyber elements

After the war in 2008 Georgia became the victim of the powerful cyber attacks from Russian side. This fact has led to the decision to define cyber security as the state-level importance field.

Bureau Vision

Existing and emerging risks/threats in cyber space became the essential part of society life cycle.The more technologies develop, the more difficult it is to overcome and prevent present and future threats.According to the world statistics the number of successful cyber incidents rise annually and therefore, the damage caused by cyber incidents is increasing.

“Cyber Security in Georgia – Step Forward Towards International Cooperation”

Over the last decade, conflict analysis indicates that cyber security is an integral part of the conflicts and wars. Considering the fact, that one of the important priorities for NATO is cyber security and therefore development of cyber capabilities, all interested countries in NATO membership, including Georgia have to realize, that the background for joint reliable cyber security is the ability to defend own cyberspace.