2019 Cyber Security Year

According to the decision of the Minister of Defense of Georgia, 2019 will be declared as a cyber security year in the Armed Forces, which means more active involvement in military operations and more cyber activities on national and international level. The announcement was made by the Defence Minister of Georgia Levan Izoria during the visit to the Cyber Security Bureau, where he hosted Major-General Joseph Jarrard, The Adjutant General of Georgia Army National Guard. 

During the meeting Minister talked about bilateral and multilateral cooperation in the cyber security sphere and underlined the role of Georgia Army National Guard in the Georgia’s Cyber Security capability development.  Also, discussions were held on cyber security future plans, as Bureau, with support from US, is planning to enhance cooperation in terms of strengthening cyber security and involving cyber elements in the military operations and trainings. 
The meeting was attended by the First deputy Minister Lela Chikovani, Chargé d'affaires Elizabeth Rood and Director of the Cyber Security Bureau Levan Giorgobiani